Arlen Abraham

Cattle Prod Selfie Stick

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The Cattle Prod Selfie Stick was a collaboration between Sarah Tappon, Sam Higgins, Jon Foote, and me for the “Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon” in 2016. The project was built over the weekend of May 14-15, with Jon Foote leading the electrical design.

This is a fully-functional cattle prod zip-tied to a selfie stick with some circuitry in between. In order to take a selfie, you must shock yourself with the cattle prod. The idea being that your phone will capture a photo of you just as you are being shocked. This ended up being a perfect use of Apple’s “Live Photos” feature, which takes a photo with 1.5s of video before and after the photo is taken.

John Foote has a nice writeup of the project on his blog.