Arlen Abraham

The Cosmopolitan, Singapore

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The Cosmopolitan installation by Nikolas Weinstein Studios is a collection of 11 massive glass stalks that rise out of a pit, located at the end of the outdoor covered entry. The six meter (nearly 20’) tall stalks are fused bundles of borosilicate tubing are supported only by a concrete and stainless steel “boot” at the base of the stalk and thin stainless-steel wire ropes at the tip of the stalk. This project posed significant challenges not only in annealing the fused bundles, but also in hardware design, moving and handling the stalks, and shipping.

I served as project manager for this installation for 1.5 years, including the process of developing the fabrication method, kiln forming and annealing, digital modeling, hardware design and fabrication, transportation and packing methodology.