Arlen Abraham



Sarah Tappon, Andrew Kurtz, and I built the @DisruptHorn over the weekend of May 9-10, 2015 as an entrant in the “Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon.”

The @DisruptHorn is a disruptive IoT wearable that triggers a 120dB airhorn whenever someone uses the hashtag #disrupt.

We wrote a Python microservice that runs on Herkou to listen to the Twitter Streaming API for tweets that contain the hastag #disrupt. This triggers the Spark API to fire the Spark Core (Cortex M3 + WiFi), which activates a heavy-duty hobby servo to trigger the airhorn. Typical delay between tweet and airhorn is <1000ms.

Originally, the @DisruptHorn also featured a bot that would tweet BYOOOORRRRRRRNK (where the number of R’s is random, between 6 and 25) at anyone who used the hashtag #disrupt. This bot was found to be in violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service and banned.

Materials: airhorn, plywood, wood glue, screws, cable ties, usb battery, velcro strap, cable tie mounts, 1/8" 316L TIG filler welding rod, Spark Core wifi-connected microprocessor, hobby servo, Heroku dyno

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