Arlen Abraham

Onyx Gen 2 - Push To Talk Wearable Communicator

Onyx is Orion Labs’ current hardware offering. Like Onyx classic, it functions like a “smart walkie-talkie” enabling teams to use real-time voice communication while focusing on the task at hand, rather than pulling out their phone.

I was responsible for leading the industrial design, branding, and packaging for this device.

The second generation of Onyx was conceived of as the core offering in a three-part product line that segmented the market in to casual, rugged, and luxury segments. The Rose and Cobalt colored devices feature custom iridescent pigment that shifts from orange to pink and blue to purple respectively. The front face of the device also features five LEDs that are “dead front” ie they are not obviously LEDs until the device is actively signaling something. I worked extensively with manufacturers to source the pigments and develop the manufacturing process that would create the iridescent and dead-front effects.

Onyx’s clip is one of its most distinctive and unique features. Strong enough to not fall off your clothing, but delicate enough to not damage fine fabrics. The clip design is also very versatile, not only accommodating a wide range of clothing options, but can also can be clipped to bags, clipboards etc., or can be attached to a lanyard using the loop. In order to minimize the depth of the device, the clip is laser welded to the stainless steel back plate.