Arlen Abraham


Syzygryd is an interactive musical instrument built by Ardent Heavy Industries. At the base of each of arm is a touch screen panel with a grid sequencer allowing three “players” to collaborate at once. The cube edges change in hue saturation and brightness in response to player input. Each of the three arms has eight flame effects along the top, and there is a fire tornado in the center of the sculpture. The entire sculpture is manually controllable from an iPad or other device running TouchOSC. Syzygryd was originally a 2010 Burning Man Honorarium Project.

I was the lead electrician for Syzygryd which entailed determining the power requirements for the sculpture, specing an appropriately sized generator, building a code-compliant breakered power distro, and fabricating wiring harnesses that fit inside the tubes. Additionally in the role of electrician, I ensured tight system integration between fire control, fuel, ignition, lighting control, lighting power, computer power, audio signal, and network data in a 6" pipe. I also was a member of the installation team.