Arlen Abraham


Zoa is a sculpture created by the Flux Foundation as a Burning Man Honorarium project 2012. The sculpture consists of three flower-like steel structures that each support a steel flame effect head. At Burning Man, 30’ wooden “seed pods” were stack around the sculpture and provided shelter and ambient lighting effects. These were burned half way through the event. The legs of the sculptures feature LEDs and there are stomp buttons at the base of each sculpture allowing participants to manually trigger the flame effects.

I co-lead the steel fabrication on one of the three steel structures, using a physical model to inform the placement of steel members and helped develop new tools to aid coping curved pipe to curved pipe. I also created digital models of the seed pods and field-repaired large portions of the electronics. After the event, I helped redesign the electronics enclosures and connectors as well as redesigning the fuel/electrical system for NFPA code compliance.